Top misconceptions about event planning

Here’s the real deal when it comes to event planning

Every #eventprof has been on the receiving end of this and will identify with every point here. When it comes to event planning there seem to be a lot of misconceptions that plague the industry. They often prevent the organizers from receiving their due credit and also lead to a lot of novices entering the industry with little or no know-how.

It doesn’t take a  professional to plan an event

Event planning is not for everyone! If you think all it takes to pull off an event is the intent, then you are grossly mistaken. It takes years in the industry and a roster of vendors collected over the years to perfectly pull off an event within your budget. The right people are key in every business and even more so when it comes to events. Rely on experienced players to get yourself the best results.

Catering and venue, what else?

Picking the venue and the caterer are an important part of event planning but it isn’t the whole story. The nitty gritty of events requires manpower, paperwork, securing permissions, connecting with vendors, A/V requirements, deadlines, contingency planning, logistics and a lot more. It is essential to pick seasoned players who stand their ground even if the deadlines seem imposing.

You can plan last minute

Last minute event planning is an extremely risky proposition. If it is a large scale event or conference it is to start marketing and generating hype at least 3 months in advance. Doing the artwork, merchandising, printing tickets, booking venues all take time and a lot of follow-ups. Try developing an event timeline and stick to it.

There is very little innovation

Event planning is one of the most exciting industries to work in, it can all change in the span of a week. From audience tracking, check in, ticketing, to entry management the entire sector is bubbling with an infusion of the latest tech.

It’s a glamorous vacation

We are inundated with images and stories about exotic locales, food and dining, 5 star venues and so on often making it seem like one big vacation. The dirty work that goes into event planning never receives its fair share of attention. The hum drum of event planning is just that ‘planning’ with a fair bit of desk work, paperwork and making calls involved.


Top misconceptions about event planning


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