7 things about event planning your boss wants to know

Have you been asked to organize an event without being given much details or clarity on how to do it effectively? We know that feeling where your boss expects you to know things that are not part of your domain expertise and in most cases neither do they have an idea of this. And, when it comes to event management, there are a lot of factors that together determine the success and failure of the event. Here are 7 things about event planning your boss wants to know.


You’ll need help:

7 things about event planning your boss wants to know

Be it your first event or your hundredth, you will invariably need help. There is nothing wrong in accepting the same and asking for help. And your boss is not expecting you to do it all by yourself, just because he has entrusted you with the task. While it is your responsibility to handle the task, you can get a team to help you out with organizing the event.
Research is the key:

Research as much as you can about similar events and the trusted service providers in the industry to help you pull off the feat. If you are going to assume that this is going to be like your previous event experience, you cannot be more wrong, so never assume or depend on one source for information.
It’s all about timing:

When it is about organizing the most flawless event, timing is the key. This can make or break your event, so plan accordingly. Fix a date and time that will be suitable for most of your attendees because an entertainment event on a Monday morning is not going to bring you audience irrespective of the artiste being amazing. Same is the case with a professional event that might lose its guests if hosted on a Friday evening. So, do not let the timing of your event steal the thunder.


Make some noise:

If you’re hosting an event, make sure you shout it out to the world. Let everyone know that something exciting is in the making. Take to your social media channels and post interesting snippets of information on what to expect and why be part of the event.
Have a plan:
Write down, or note down, everything from inception to hosting the event. This will help you get a clear picture and tighten the loose ends. If you are working with a team, make sure everyone is on the same page and has an idea about how you plan to go ahead with the event.


Be open to changes:

Having a plan and sticking to it doesn’t mean you cannot accommodate any last minute changes. An important trait of an event manager is to be flexible and open to changes, this will help you tackle the roadblocks that come in your way of hosting the event. Be flexible when it comes to unexpected changes like in the case of venue, speaker, etc., and you will be able to pull off that perfect event.


Use expert services:

Take the help of event planning services or partner with Planica, which will help you connect with the best service providers for your event. Your boss is going to be definitely impressed with the event and the way you managed to save time, money and resources, by entrusting the task to the best service providers.


With all these in place, you are sure to pull off the perfect event and impress everyone. And your boss is going to be part of the list because you know the 7 things about event planning your boss wants to know.


7 things about event planning your boss wants to know


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